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English being the most widely spoken language in the world, learning the language is absolutely vital if a successful career is to be achieved. This course has been designed simply to help each Fly High student to communicate more effectively in English.Topics covered in this subject include basic knowledge of grammar, salutations and farewells, as well as the various details involved in making appointments or coming to a mutual conclusion on certain subjects. Since each lesson in this course is extremely interactive, students are able to develop their language skills on an ongoing basis and also learn about key elements of correct and effective communication.The main objective of this course is to further improve the student’s pronunciation, enunciation and fluency in the use of the English language. The course is highly interactive and trains the student in effective communication skills, the group discussions usually required to clear the interviews.

Personality development is a relatively long-lasting pattern of thinking , feeling, and behavior that distinguishes individuals from one another. This module is fully engaging and helps students develop the personality they need to work in a professional environment. This course prepares students with positive attitudes, anger management, sympathy, perception , motivation and stress management.

The module provides training on the skills required in the customer service industries. Topics covered here include skin and hair care, formal clothing, basic grooming practices, dental care, professional make-up techniques, etc.

Soft skills are related to how you work. This module include interpersonal skills , communication skills, listening skills , time management and compassion, among others. Soft skills are also important for the success of most employers. After all, almost every job requires employees to engage with others in some way.

It is estimated that the Indian aviation industry will become the third largest aviation market in the world by coming years. The aviation industry offers 500 Lakh jobs worldwide. Being an airport management professional offers great career opportunities at domestic and international airports at different airlines.

This course is designed to train students on the skills they need to become cabin crew or ground staff. Students are trained on basic safety protocols, emergency procedures and passenger handling. They are trained about the different parts and functions of a commercial aircraft, as well as the essential flight-related tasks.