Flyhigh Institute

About Us

With a team of highly qualified professionals and skilled trainers, and a network that ranges across India, Fly High Institute plays a pivotal role to optimize its domain expertise, and offer all its students word-class training and placement support. The Academy has been encouraging its students to undergo extensive and rigorous training for different career options. We train students to give our students market scenario experience while completing their course. Providing world-class and easily accessible training material for everyone has always been one of the top goals of Fly High Institute. Using an engaging, interactive approach to learning, our courses combine lectures, technology, and hands-on exercises to quickly transfer the tools you need.


Why choose us


Our service segments focuses on the four major services air hostess training, hospitality training, customer service training, travel and tourism training.

The airline industry is becoming increasingly complex with new commercial opportunities and challenges stemming from systems and technologies, evolving customer profile and preferences, increasing competition and new business models, progression of digital and analytical capabilities, shifting macro and regional variability, growing middle class and rising propensity for travel.

Fly High Institute has successfully established reputable and long-lasting relationships with all of the major international and domestic airlines, leading 5-star hotel chains, and prominent aviation, hospitality, travel and tourism management organizations. These companies then conduct exclusive on-campus interviews with students at Fly High Institute. Delivering well- groomed and trained professionals to the world of Aviation and Service sector. Advance cabin crew training facilities of safety, security and first aid. Providing 100%  placement assistance. Throughout the training program for each course we pay full attention to work on industry knowledge, skills and developing a professional work attitude.



“YOUR DREAM OUR MISSION” We motivate and encourage our students to achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment. The objective of the Fly High Institute is to establish flexible, balanced and standardized training and various degree, diploma and certificate courses for its students. The curriculum has been developed after years of diligent study to provide each student with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve great success in the sectors of Aviation, Hospitality, and Travel & Tourism Management.


We do everything to make sure our students excel in the field of their expertise. We work hard to provide more and more information and education about our industry to those who want to kick start their career in aviation and they ought to get selected amongst the top aviation companies, airliners, flight operation companies, tours and travel companies, chartered flights etc. To provide more advanced training certificates at the end of the training programs that certifies them to be a professional in their respective field. We provide 100% placement services assistance. Ensuring top-quality operations , delivering the skills and information you need to stay on top of national and international regulatory requirements.